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Enjoy the finest ice cream all year round – in our ice cream parlor in Berlin Lichterfelde you will get your money’s worth as a guest. Because our ice cream is made with love and care. There is also a whole selection of fine cakes and tarts as well as unbeatably aromatic Italian coffee.

Pleasure in the ice cream parlour:
Berlin premium ice cream for every occasion

Enjoyment is our top priority. In our Lichterfelde Café at Curtiusstraße 8 you can enjoy delicious ice cream from our own factory. We always have a monthly collection of 18 different flavors. To make sure there is always something new for you. We look forward to seeing you!

OUR ice cream café

Our ice cream flavors

Our head ice cream confectioner and the production team are constantly creating new, unusual varieties that they use to demonstrate their skills and make us one of the best ice cream parlors in Berlin. You can choose from 18 different flavors every day in our ice cream parlor in Berlin Lichterfelde. We have over 250 different varieties in our repertoire. We are sure to surprise you with our unusual creations.

Our ice cream at your event

A delicious ice cream as the highlight of your event. Get our tasty creations at your party or book one of our ice cream vans for your event. Delight your guests with a choice of 3, 6 or 7 different varieties. We have the right vehicle for every event - our ice display case is a discreet ice dispenser for smaller events, while the ice truck is perfect for large events with around 10,000 people.

For special celebrations such as weddings or christenings, our pride and joy, the historical ice cream bike. Our most popular vehicle, because it contains numerous delicacies and also sets charming, picturesque accents at your celebration.

Vegan Sorbet

Gluten free

Regional products

No chemicals

Pure enjoyment:
Berlin's own creations are waiting for you

We are proud to be one of the best ice cream parlors in Berlin Brandenburg and strive every day to surpass the expectations of our guests. You will not only find excellent premium ice cream here, but also Belgian organic waffles, fine coffee with an unbeatable roasted aroma and cakes that are not only pleasing to the eye. Discover our selection for the senses!

customer reviews

ice cream and iced coffee

We know from experience that our customers have very different wishes. But everyone who loves gelato in Berlin wants intense and unique flavored ice cream. No problem for our head ice cream confectioner and her production team! That’s why our ice cream in our Berlin ice cream parlor…

  • vegan and lactose-free,
  • gluten free,
  • without flavor enhancers,
  • without artificial additives such as dyes,
  • mostly from regional products.

But that’s not all: With our selected types of ice cream, we pay attention to perfect aroma and high quality. Therefore only use as much sugar as necessary and largely avoid additives. Therefore, the real Belgian chocolate is also a full pleasure, just like our fruit varieties, which are a true taste experience with fresh fruit from regional purchases – maybe the best ice cream in Berlin!

Belgian organic waffles

What's better than fresh, hot Belgian waffles on the breakfast table? Of course only homemade Belgian organic waffles with the finest ice cream as a topping! It doesn't always have to be vanilla ice cream: After all, the most exciting ice cream creations are not far from us and invite you to an absolutely unique Belgian waffle taste experience. You can choose from 18 different varieties every day - so how about a blackberry topping for your hot organic waffle?

Excellent coffee from a small roastery

Would you like an espresso with a wonderful roasted aroma to go with the cake? To find the best coffee, you have to try quite a few things. Our choice fell on a small roastery in Naples that produces a particularly noble blend of dark coffee beans: 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta are waiting to delight your taste buds. In order to do justice to the high-quality bean, we prepare our coffee with a beautiful, handmade premium portafilter machine from the Rocket brand, which, as one of the most successful espresso machine manufacturers, upholds the tradition of Italian coffee art. As you can see, you've come to the right place!

Fine cakes and tarts

There is never enough sweet treats. That's why we also offer something for guests who love freshly baked goods. Whether it's cheese cake coins, fondant au chocolat or fruit classics: in our display case you will find hearty creations every day, which will not make your choice that easy.

Eating ice cream in Berlin
unusual creations for your enjoyment

Our ice cream is not always exclusively regional, namely when it gets even better. For example, we get the citrus fruits for our lemon ice cream fresh from Sicily and process the sun-ripened fruits within 48 hours. The intense taste is convincing – just like our other varieties for customers who are keen to experiment: Let yourself be inspired by …

  • Coffee 1001 night,
  • Black forest gateau
  • Raspberry goat,
  • Ginger Ninja,
  • Salted caramel,
  • Viennese Almond,
  • Buttermilk Pomegranate
  • Red Tea Currant,
  • Raspberry cream semolina,
  • Star anise fennel,
  • Lemon-Cheesecake,
  • Pink Grapefruit,
  • Mate,
  • Marshmallow,
  • Peanut
  • oder Kinder-König for the little ones.

Of course, we also offer mango, vanilla, strawberry and much more for lovers of the classic varieties. Are you curious? Visit us, choose from our great taste creations from classic to unusual and enjoy what is probably the finest sundae in Berlin Brandenburg!

Our ice cream parlor in Berlin Lichterfelde

You can relax in our ice cream café, try out the unusual creations of our head ice cream confectioner and let your soul dangle. Feel free to sit outside on the terrace or enjoy our original variety of flavors at our tables. Do you have questions? Feel free to drop by or contact us. We look forward to you!