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Whether at trade fairs, weddings, conferences, product launches or birthday parties: Freshly roasted coffee is a highlight everywhere and at any time. Book our coffee catering in Berlin Brandenburg and ensure cheerful faces at your event with our sensational coffee. We create the perfect coffee moment for you – you will be amazed how much the cult drink can inspire.

Why our coffee catering inspires everyone

Coffee is the indispensable stylish drink of modern everyday life. That is why the coffee beans for our coffee catering come from a small roastery in Naples, which delights even pronounced coffee connoisseurs with a particularly noble and highly aromatic blend. The small miracle of taste is called Salimbene - 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta create a full aroma with a tart note and an incomparable crema that has a soothing effect on the soul.

All-in-one: Barista coffee catering for every event

Good coffee is not just about the fine bean. The ambience must also harmonize with the coffee. That is why we provide our high-quality portafilter machines such as Rocket and Lelit for your event, which contribute to an exclusive atmosphere.

This is our service for your event coffee catering

With us you book not only the coffee mobile, but the entire service. This includes:

  • Transport, installation and instruction until the start of the event. On request, our mobile coffee bar can also be easily integrated into a trade fair and congress stand.
  • Dismantling and cleaning including disinfection.
  • Accessories included: e.g. organic milk, oat milk or lactose-free milk, visually appealing cups (with personalized design on request)
  • Professional baristas
  • When booking with ice cream, ice cream cones, cups and spoons are also included
  • Our disposable cups and spoons are 100% biodegradable.
  • Tip: For large events, we are happy to use cups with your personal company logo on request.

Impress your guests with top class coffee and spoil their palates with lovingly prepared espresso, creamy cappuccino, caffè latte or iced coffees with our homemade ice cream.

We are happy to offer you the following coffee specialties at your event:


In order to exactly match the taste of the original Italian espresso, the fineness and quality of the freshly ground espresso beans are very important. Our espresso shines with a dense crema, aromatic, full-bodied taste and wonderful coffee scent that lasts for a long time.


Creamy, dense foam, a deep brown color and incomparable aroma: It's not without reason that the cappuccino is one of the undefeated stars in the coffee heaven and also offers the opportunity for appealing latte art. We offer perfectly balanced cappuccinos with exactly the right ratio of coffee, milk and foam.

Latte Macchiato

A seductive layer of hot milk, strong espresso and creamy foam – only the latte macchiato can do that. Lovingly prepared by our baristas, our latte macchiato will enchant your guests with its taste and immerse them deeply in the world of intense coffee enjoyment. Of course, we are also happy to offer your guests high-quality refinements such as caramel or macadamia syrup.

Coffee and café au lait

Our coffee impresses with its rich and full-bodied aroma. Sweet-smelling and light, the taste stays on the tongue for a long time. If desired, we will be happy to prepare a hot milk coffee for your guests, which has a slightly milder taste.


A wonderful, fresh espresso that is extracted directly onto a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and enchants your guests with an explosion of different aromas. Perfect in addition to our ice cream catering!
We are also equipped to meet higher demands, because wherever many guests come together, different wishes are always represented. That's why we provide various options to choose from. This means that all guests have the opportunity to choose between milk alternatives such as: B. choose oat milk or lactose-free milk. Flavor shots for the sweet topping on the latte macchiato are also no problem: whether caramel, macadamia or vanilla – we always meet the taste of your visitors and guests.

Coffee catering for weddings

The successful start to a happy marriage should be properly celebrated. Are you considering whether to rent a coffee bike or book a coffee mobile for your big day? With us you have the opportunity to not only rent a professional portafilter machine with real Italian coffee and trained baristas, but also a chic retro ice cream truck. This will skilfully stage your wedding and add a few successful creations to the culinary ensemble. Tip: Coffee catering is also something very special at silver and golden weddings and provides a relaxing rounding off to the buffet.

Coffee catering for birthdays

A mobile ice cream and coffee bar is the highlight at a birthday party. Especially at a barbecue evening or summer party in the garden, the mobile coffee bar will be the star appearance par excellence. In addition to our powerful portafilter machines, you can also rent our mobile ice cream bar with various tasty varieties from classic to unusual. Get our all-round service, sit back and enjoy your big day. Tip: Our ice cream and coffee catering combination is a hit at children's birthday parties: coffee for the adults, sweet treats for the little ones.

Coffee catering for new openings or company celebrations

A coffee bike is no longer enough for new openings, promotional events and company celebrations. A mobile coffee cart is usually booked for this purpose - or our portafilter machines from the Rocket and Lelit brands, together with our ice cream catering. This guarantees that every event with up to 5,000 people will be a complete success.

Tip: Our delicious ice cream goes perfectly with coffee catering

Tip: To round off the culinary experience, something sweet is a must. Combine our coffee with our excellent homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors.

Try it with a classic treat made from real vanilla or, if you prefer, a more unusual option with blackberry tonka bean or star anise fennel. Our creative head ice cream confectioner and her production team meet all requirements, because our ice cream is mostly…

  • vegan: Our fruit ice cream varieties are 100% free of animal products.
  • Gluten-free: Only a very few varieties are not gluten-free and are clearly labeled.
  • made from regional ingredients: We buy where we know where it comes from.
  • with little sugar: That’s why our ice cream is not only more aromatic, but also healthier.
  • without artificial additives: real taste does not need any additional flavors.

Coffee catering for conferences and trade fairs

In order to always provide visitors at trade fairs and congresses with enough food, a mobile coffee bar is an advantage. Treat your visitors to the enjoyment of real Italian coffee with an intense flavor, freshly prepared by professional baristas. You can also book our homemade ice cream, which has already delighted many a connoisseur with its fine taste and exquisite varieties.

Coffee catering for graduation parties and high school reunions

Whether you have finally graduated from high school or have passed it 10 years ago – celebrating success and togetherness is always a cause for joy. People toast together and have a lot to tell each other. What better way to do this than at our convivial coffee catering stand and with a hot cup of coffee? Get our coffee catering for Berlin Brandenburg and treat dear friends and old acquaintances to real Italian coffee, professionally prepared by our baristas.

Coffee catering for first communion

Catering with coffee is the icing on the cake for the perfect celebration. Provide that certain extra something at your first communion, baptism or confirmation by pampering your guests with your own coffee bar. With our large selection of coffee specialties and the optional ice cream extra with a display case or retro ice cream cart, our catering is just right for young and old. Tailor the catering to your guests and give your event a very special, charming ambience.

Coffee catering should not be missing at any event

Can you think of an event that can do without coffee? Not us either. Don’t hesitate and book our professional coffee catering. Our all-round service takes care of everything and will completely satisfy your guests. Do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact us by email or on 030 754 384 308

Coffee catering in Berlin & Brandenburg: a highlight for every event

Are you planning a celebration or event and need the ultimate catering with the very best coffee? No problem: event catering in Berlin or Brandenburg is our profession! That’s why we offer exactly the right thing for every type of event from around 50 people upwards:

  • Professional portafilter machines from Rocket and Lelit
  • real Italian coffee beans from a small roastery in Naples
  • high quality water filters
  • professional baristas

In addition to excellent coffee catering, you also have the option of booking ice cream catering in three different sizes for all types of events. You can easily rent an ice cream and coffee cart and benefit from our extensive catering. All you need is a normal power connection – our all-round service will take care of the rest.

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