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Berlin ice cream catering at its best

A mobile ice cream truck is the highlight at parties. Especially when it embellishes a wedding with a chic retro look or brings back nostalgic memories at a company event. At children’s birthday parties, the visual aspect is usually less important – it’s what’s behind the display case in the ice cream box that counts. It’s a good thing that we can convince all along the line here, too, because the ice cream creations of our head ice cream confectioner are really the finest!

Rent historic ice cream cart:
in Berlin & Brandenburg

Today you rarely see the nostalgic ice cream trucks. It's even nicer when you discover one of the retro vehicles at an event and can get delicious ice cream there. We offer our beautiful ice cream truck for your event to make the celebration a real success. Because who wouldn't be happy with 400+ scoops of tasty ice cream in 6 different flavors?

Rent wonderfully delicious ice cream in the historic ice cream cart

If you rent our historic ice cream cart, your Berlin or Brandenburg event will definitely be another highlight. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or company anniversary – our ice cream cart full of the finest ice cream is always well received. And by that we really mean always, because we only use the best ingredients and pay attention to all other requirements. That’s why our ice cream is:

  • vegan: Our fruit ice cream varieties are 100% free of animal products.
  • Gluten-free: Only a very few varieties are not gluten-free and are clearly labeled.
  • made from many regional ingredients: We buy where we know where it comes from.
  • with little sugar: That’s why our ice cream is not only more aromatic, but also healthier.
  • without artificial additives: real taste does not need any additional flavors.

Always choose from 18 current varieties:

  • Vanilla
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Stracciatella
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Yogurt
  • Hazelnut
  • + 11 different varieties every month

Rent our historic ice cream cart

Do you want to rent an ice cream truck for Berlin or Brandenburg events? No problem! You can book our chic ice cream truck for your celebration in the entire Berlin area. And if necessary, two or more

6 types of ice cream
200 and more satisfied guests

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The perfect complement to ice cream catering: the exclusive coffee catering from the Berliner Genussmanufaktur. Whether at trade fairs, weddings, conferences, product launches or birthday parties: freshly roasted coffee is a highlight anywhere and at any time. Book our coffee catering in Berlin Brandenburg and ensure cheerful faces at your event with our sensational coffee.

Rent an ice cream cart in Berlin & Brandenburg: These are our ice cream flavors

Are you expecting gourmets and those who like to experiment at the event? You’re also right when you rent our ice cream van, because Berlin’s most creative ice cream flavors are waiting for you of your choice:

  • Black Forest cake,
  • Raspberry goat with goat milk,
  • Ginger Ninja,
  • Poppy seed marzipan,
  • Rose water,
  • Red tea – currant,
  • Raspberry cream semolina,
  • Star anise fennel,
  • Mozart ball,
  • White chocolate,
  • Blackberry tonka bean

That’s not all, because thanks to our head ice cream confectioner and the production team, we have 250 flavors in our repertoire – including the ever-popular classics such as vanilla made from real vanilla, Belgian chocolate and the finest fruit ice cream. And of course we also have something suitable for the little ones, namely the Children’s King, which is an absolute hit at birthday parties.

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Rent a historic ice cream cart in Berlin & Brandenburg: event overview

If you are wondering whether our decorative event highlight on wheels is suitable for your celebration, here are all the events at which our ice cream cart has already impressed across the board:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Corporate events
  • Summer festivals
  • Weddings
  • Graduation ceremonies

If you have any further questions or are looking for an ice cream catering truck that can serve fewer or more guests, contact us. We look forward to your inquiry!

This is our service when you rent our ice cream cart in Berlin or Brandenburg:

Our historic ice cream cart is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also impresses with its performance: Equipped with the latest cooling technology, the ice cream stays creamy cold even in the summer heat and refreshes your guests and participants. Of course, the ice cream cart also meets all hygienic standards for enjoying ice cream on site.

Our service includes:
  • the transport,
  • the preparation,
  • the ice cream distribution,
  • the dismantling
  • and cleaning the car including disinfection.

The accessories are included in the price – e.g. B. Ice cream cones, cups and spoons. An employee will also be there to help you hand out the ice cream.

If you plan to serve more than approx. 400 scoops, there are additional ice cream flavors to choose from.

Rent an ice cream cart in Berlin:
What are you waiting for?

If our historic ice cream cart has convinced you, then you can rent the ice cream cart. Berlin and Brandenburg event guests will thank you! Get this nostalgic piece of jewelry for your celebration now and expand it by enjoying absolutely delicious ice cream made from the very best ingredients.
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