Ice cream cart for birthday parties:
ice-cold snacking pleasure

A birthday should be celebrated appropriately. What would be better than bright, fresh ice cream pleasure with incredible varieties and the most fascinating flavors? Entertain your guests with varieties like malt beer cherry, honey caramel and star anise fennel. Book our ice cream truck for birthday parties now and get the highlight of your party!

Ice cream catering for your birthday:
frosty pleasure

For young and old, from classic to crazy, we have something for everyone. Our special ice cream flavors such as Campari Orange, Vodka Lemon or Pina Colada are an absolute success, especially at birthday parties. And of course we also have the classics for you such as Belgian chocolate, vanilla and vegan fruit ice cream!

Rent our retro ice cream cart for your birthday party

Unfortunately, ice cream catering at birthday parties is far too rare. Ice cream is something that inspires everyone – and our handmade ice cream is particularly sensational. Are you still concerned about whether ice cream is really right for all guests? No type, because our ice cream is…

  • optionally vegan
  • gluten free
  • made from regional ingredients
  • with little sugar
  • without artificial additives


for smaller events up to
100 people


for events with up to
5,000 people


for events with up to
10,000 people and more

Ice cream truck for birthday parties: This is how the party will be a hit

With our service you can focus completely on your birthday, because all you have to do is choose from our great classics and 11 flavors that change every month. We provide ice cream cups, spoons and cones and optionally also staff to distribute the cold delicacies. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!


The perfect complement to ice cream catering: the exclusive coffee catering from the Berliner Genussmanufaktur. Whether at trade fairs, weddings, conferences, product launches or birthday parties: freshly roasted coffee is a highlight anywhere and at any time. Book our coffee catering in Berlin Brandenburg and ensure cheerful faces at your event with our sensational coffee.

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