ICE-Catering: Book an ice cream cart for your event

Wherever a lot of people come together, good ice cream is always welcome. Especially when it’s homemade, made from fresh ingredients and is wonderfully aromatic. Find out below how you can book our ice cream catering for your event.


for smaller events up to
100 people


for events with up to
5,000 people


for events with up to
10,000 people and more

Ice cream catering: book an ice cream cart for your event

Our ice cream is homemade and consists of 100% the finest ingredients. It contains less sugar than conventional types of ice cream and convinces with an incredibly intense taste. Our ice cream is…

  • vegan: Our fruit ice cream varieties are 100% free from animal products.
  • gluten-free: Only very few varieties are not gluten-free and clearly marked.
  • from regional ingredients: We buy where we know where it comes from.
  • with little sugar: That’s why our ice cream is not only more aromatic, but also healthier.
  • without artificial additives: Real taste does not need additional flavors.

That’s why our ice cream is perfect for events with many guests who have different preferences and needs. In addition, our talented ice cream chef and her production team cater to the most unusual flavors, which – quite apart from the event – are a real experience in themselves.

Vegan fruit ice cream

Gluten free

Regional products

No chemicals

These are our ice cream vans for your ice cream catering event

Are you planning a celebration or an event and need catering for all participating guests? No problem: event catering in Berlin Brandenburg is our job! That’s why we have the right ice cream catering equipment for every event size:

Rent an ice cream cabinet

Need an ice cream cart for your party? How about a chic ice cream display case? She's small and looks great at a party. Whether it's a barbecue evening, a summer party or a birthday party: our decorative ice cream display case is the perfect party service for your ice cream truck event.

For larger event catering in Berlin Brandenburg, take a look at our ice cream van or our ice cream truck.

Rent an ice cream cart

Our historic ice cream cart is perfect for events! Whether wedding, birthday party or company event With 6 different types of ice cream, this ice cream stand delights 3,000 people (and more). And the retro piece of jewelry also contributes to an atmospheric ambience at your celebration. Of course you can also book several of our historic ice cream vans so that all guests are always well taken care of.

Rent an ice cream truck

Our event catering in Berlin is really impressive with the ice cream truck. This ice cream van can serve up to 10,000 people: with 7 different varieties of our very best, homemade ice cream - always served ice cold and incredibly delicious!


Welcome to the ultimate coffee experience with our premium barista catering service. We proudly use state-of-the-art Italian coffee machines, renowned for their precision and ability to extract the perfect espresso. Our beans are sourced from the finest high-grade coffee estates, ensuring every cup we serve is rich and full-bodied. Whether it's a corporate event, a private gathering, or a special celebration, our skilled baristas are dedicated to bringing the authentic taste of Italy to your venue. Indulge your guests in the luxury of freshly brewed, gourmet coffee, crafted to perfection every time.
Always choose from 18 current flavors:
  • Vanilla
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Stracciatella
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Yogurt
  • Hazelnut
  • + 11 monthly changing flavors

This is our event service for your ice cream catering

With us you not only book an ice cream cart for your ice cream catering event, but also the service. This contains:

  • Transport, installation and ice cream distribution during the events
  • Dismantling and cleaning of the ice cream cartor ice cream cabinet including disinfection.
  • Made from regional ingredients, cups and spoons are also included.
  • Accessories such as ice cream cones. That’s why our ice cream is not only more aromatic, but also healthier.
  • Our disposable cups and spoons are 100% biodegradable.
  • Our ice cream cart and accessories can also be personalized with your design.

Ice cream catering is a highlight at every event

Whether on the set of a new series, in a race or at a wedding: our ice cream catering service is always welcome at any event. Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us by e-mail.
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