Homemade premium ice cream: Our ice café in lichterfelde

Enjoyment is our top priority. In our Lichterfelde Café you can enjoy ice cream from our own factory throughout the season. High-quality cakes and tarts, pralines and chocolates produced in-house depending on the season and coffee specialties made from fine Italian beans – perfectly prepared with our Rocket brand barista espresso machine – round off the taste experience. We look forward to you!


100% homemade ICE CREAM

We make our own ice cream! In our own factory in Berlin-Lichterfelde, our ice cream confectioners create fresh ice cream every day according to our own recipes. We use many regional and fresh products, only use as much sugar as necessary and largely do without flavor enhancers. We use real Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit and, thanks to our own manufacture on site in Lichterfelde, avoid long transport routes. Over 250 different varieties always make a visit to the Berlin gourmet factory an experience.

Vegan fruit ice cream

Gluten free​

Regional products

No chemicals

That suits your event: Rent a table ice cream display case, a historic ice cream truck or an ice cream truck?


for smaller events up to
100 people


for events with up to
5,000 people


for events with up to
10,000 people and more

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